Patterns of Physical Transformation (PPT) is a combination of somatic education, neuromuscular re-education and bodywork aiming to improve healing and cure in body parts.

PPT was developed by Dr Ron Perry and Dr Edie Perry. Their work was among others inspired by Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming® (NLP) and Moshe Feldenkrais and from a range of techniques and insights from the world of yoga, tai chi and other body-mind systems. PPT is about neurological change to improve mobility and alignment.
A basic idea of PPT is that body and mind are one and to be able to solve certain problems it should be treated as such. Ron and Edie have spent many years perfecting their techniques and in 2007 they started transferring their knowledge to others.

The difference that makes the difference in Patterns of Physical Transformation, compared to other trainings, is that through this learning process you will develop a strong awareness of the neurological function of a body and at the same time you'll become aware of the possibilities of altering states in a persons body. By gentle techniques and inducing states body parts are directed in a fast and effective way to change muscular tension and more comfort.

RaVisie has stopped organizing PPT training in the Netherlands.
You can find more information about Patterns of Physical Transformation on the Facebook page of the Perry Method.